Yuwa Fabric – Meisen

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Yuwa – Kei Fabric


This colorful fabric by Kei Fabric is inspired by Meisen Kimono. Meisen (pronounced, “may-zen”) fabric was produced in Japan from the latter part of the Meiji period (1868-1910) through to around 1955. They were at their height of popularity from the beginning of the Taisho period (1910- 1926) through to the early 40’s.

Meisen is a weaving and dyeing technique for producing an ikat fabric more quickly and in larger quantities than the labor intensive traditional methods allowed. Ikat is called Kasuri in Japan and it is this ancient technique that innovative textile producers of the late 19th century sought to emulate, develop and most crucially, produce in large quantities.

Ikat is a technique of resist dyeing, it is produced by resisting and then dyeing the threads before the fabric is woven as to produce a preconceived design that will be realized when the pre-dyed yarns are woven. Ikat fabrics can have a resist dyed weft, warp or both.

This fabric is 100% cotton and good for both machine and hand sewing.

The design is a good size for making items including small bags and clothing.

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